Feminist Story-telling: Jeanne Desy, “The Princess Who Stood on Her Own Two Feet”


This is a story we’ll read in class but you need to read it at home first, to try and look up the most important words for deciphering meaning, those you can’t work out or that don’t affect being able to follow the story, because after reading and discussing topics, we’ll devote some time to language work.
You can borrow the whole book in class, if you wish to read more. Romina borrowed it and shared this OP with us! ❤

English-speaking Women Writers & Women Writers Translated into English

dontbetontheprinceWe’ve put together this 6-page Word doc for classroom use next year (non-compulsory public/state-run language education, EFL at the C1 or Advanced level).

We’d like to recommend getting the book but we know it’s too expensive for our students, so that is why we’re sharing one of the stories, so at least they know there is something called “feminist story-telling” that educates in non-sexist and non-mysoginist / non-women-hating values.

We hope you enjoy it!

feministstorytelling_jeannedesy (6 Word pages)

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