About this blog+links


Welcome to this blog designed to help people learn English from authentic reading materials and to promote women writers, considering we’ve come to realize we need to leave patriarchal culture behind, for all the harm it’s done to human beings, for instance, by excluding from history precious work, precious people.

I’m an EFL teacher in non-compulsory public/state-run language education in Spain and I’ll be uploading my language work with books I read to help you become independent and resourceful lifelong language learners! It’s a way of exploiting reading to learn and consolidate language items and the use of the language.

Here you will find all the projects I’ve developed throughout my time in public education: http://micaelaford.wordpress.com

For C1 learners (EFL, advanced), check out my C1 page on the website I have for EFL learners, Talking People: http://talkingpeople.net/tp/ra/c1/index.htm

To find articles for classroom use, and other books, check out my blog C1 Materials.

Although my website, Talking People, needs updating and tidying up, years ago I tried to create a Literature section to spread the word about some of my fav writers. Check it out to read some great short stories, which I may have also recorded (Fair Use). And whether you are a teacher, a learner, a reader… feel free to design posts for this blog, too! ❤


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