Learning Poems


Listen till you learn the music, too.

Here are the poems I have on the Talking People Podcast. Learn as many as you like and share in class!


Which one would you like to learn for our first Feminist Cultural Week at the School? ❤ Mina Loy, Connie Fife, Joy Harjo, Marilyn Monroe, Sylvia Plath, Adrienne Rich, Anne Sexton, Dian Million, Ani Difranco, Portia Nelson, Mary Oliver, Audre Lorde


Story of Your Life (story) & Arrival (movie)


Here is Ted Chiang‘s short story. The movie Arrival is based on it.

Chiang_Story of Your Life (33 pdf pages)

Listen to the beginning of the story read by MF (2018)

You can borrow a copy of the story in class, because I bought a copy of the collection of short stories he’s written.

We Should All Be Feminists, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


C1 Course Materials - EFL Advanced (EEOOII - Andalucía - Spain)

The essay is great for reading aloud in class, together, and the book is about 6 euros. The translation into Spanish was not done by someone with a feminist intelligence, so disrespecting Ngozi’s analysis he or the publishing house entitled it “Todos deberíamos ser feministas” instead of “Deberíamos ser feministas”, “Todos y todas deberíamos ser feministas” or “Todas las personas deberíamos ser feministas”, as if it were very difficult to accept women’s right to be named, as we keep demanding since the 20th century after witnessing women’s obliteration from History and their inferior status for centuries — undeserving of the minimum respect of being named.

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Feminist Story-telling: Jeanne Desy, “The Princess Who Stood on Her Own Two Feet”


This is a story we’ll read in class but you need to read it at home first, to try and look up the most important words for deciphering meaning, those you can’t work out or that don’t affect being able to follow the story, because after reading and discussing topics, we’ll devote some time to language work.
You can borrow the whole book in class, if you wish to read more. Romina borrowed it and shared this OP with us! ❤

English-speaking Women Writers & Women Writers Translated into English

dontbetontheprinceWe’ve put together this 6-page Word doc for classroom use next year (non-compulsory public/state-run language education, EFL at the C1 or Advanced level).

We’d like to recommend getting the book but we know it’s too expensive for our students, so that is why we’re sharing one of the stories, so at least they know there is something called “feminist story-telling” that educates in non-sexist and non-mysoginist / non-women-hating values.

We hope you enjoy it!

feministstorytelling_jeannedesy (6 Word pages)

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Hidden Figures, by Margot Lee Shetterly


My handouts with exercises:

More on Hidden Figures:

My scripts for dialogues on the movie Hidden Figures (we recorded them at our English Department!) Enjoy!

Fav scenes:

In the women’s toilet:

Vivian Mitchell: Despite what you may think, I have nothing against y’all.
Dorothy Vaughan: I know, I know you probably believe that.

Movie still: Dorothy Vaughn in sisterhood (played by Octavia Spencer)!

From Crazy Brave, by Joy Harjo (animals & storytelling)


Activity allowing advanced lifelong learners to work on language, literature, and learning methodology

Warm-up activity: listen to this 5 min interview

In class. Worksheet video support:

Follow-up work… listen to two of her poems

Strange Fruit at the Talking People Podcast, with some words to help you with poetry if you are afraid of it

The Creation Story, with text and audio + music (she’s a composer and musician, too)

Check out her website to learn about her music and books, and more!

Joy Harjo’s Website